Mefazil-P DS

Composition: Paracetamol 250mg + Mefenamic Acid 100mg

Formulation: Oral Suspension

Status: Prescription only medicine

Description: MEFAZILL-P-DS oral suspension contains Paracetamol and Mefenamic Acid is used to relieve mild to moderate pain such as headache, migraine, toothache, muscle ache, backache, traumatic pain, pain due to sprain
and strain and pain after surgeries and operations

Side effects: Most common side effects are nausea, vomiting, Indigestion and stomach pain


Mefazil-P DS Benefits:

  • An Analgesic and NSAID Combination Dosage Form
  • Used to Treat Mild to Moderate Pain and Fever
  • Relieve Pain Associated with Arthritis, Migraine, Toothache and Periods
  • As an Anti-Inflammatory Analgesic for the Symptomatic Relief of Rheumatoid Arthritis, Traumatic and Dental Pain, Pyrexia in Children
  • Used to Treat Post-Operative and Post-Partum Pain